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Ketchup with Tagatesse!

Damhert presents: Ketchup with Tagatesse!

Did you know that one bottle of ketchup contains 45 cubes of sugar? Make a healthier choise and choose for ketchup with Tagatesse, and enjoy the same taste, but without sugar!

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Tagatesse® the healthy sweetener.

In 2008, Damhert developed a technology to produce a natural sugar substitute. Tagatose was successfully launched. Also suitable for diabetics!

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A diabetic tsunami is on its way!

A diabetic tsunami is on its way! Can you really protect yourself from diabetes?

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Eating tasty without salt

Salt is used a lot in the preparation of food as a flavouring and preservative. Find out how you can still cook tasty and healthy food without salt!

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Damhert is the perfect match for me due to my healthy lifestyle. Everytime I go to the supermarket, I spot another awesome product!

Lisa L, 25 years old


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