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Do you tremble at the thought of eating insects?  They are found on menus in no less than 98 countries; welcome to the 21st century! 

Insecta is a range of ready to eat products, derived from buffalo worms. With this range Damhert is looking to create a more sustainable planet – for us, animals and the environment! After all, far less agricultural land and feed is required to breed insects, and the manure and CO2 emissions are far lower too.  This leaves a far smaller ecological footprint. Moreover, insects offer a fulfilling alternative to meat or fish: they provide just as much energy, are a rich source of protein and are low in saturates.

Go green and savour this taste sensation! What’s good for you is good for our planet!

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Eating insects? At first I found this a little daunting, but the burgers are flavoursome and moreover, I’m doing my bit for the environment.  Nowadays they’re on the menu every week!

Joan T. 34 jaar

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