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Win a free tea cup

Enjoy your tea with Damhert

The English afternoon tea, the tradition of tea between lunch and dinner, is now also known to us. But actually every moment of the day is good for a cup of tea. In the morning, in the afternoon, but ...

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Apology for the delay

Apology for the delay

Damhert apologize for the delay of the packets

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Lactose-free offer increases

Same products, now also lactose-free

Low Carb, suitable for diabetics and lactose free. It is not the easiest combination. As your partner in healthy food, we strive to satisfy everyone. We are therefore very pleased that our lactose-fre...

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Our tips for a varied weekly menu

What are we going to eat tonight? It is probably one of the most frequently asked questions within each family. Consider every day what will appear on our board. So a little help is always welcome. Th...

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Why do we love gluten-free?

Did you know that gluten actually exist as a group of proteins? That it occurs naturally in wheat, rye and barley? So that it is also present in all the products made from these grains?

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Low Carb: The next big thing

More and more, we are seeing the term 'low carb' appear on certain foodstuffs, on packaging, in advertising folders, in promotional brochures. Low carb is hot. But what exactly does this concept mean?...

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