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FREE Damhert CARAMEL shake to maintain your weight!

Do you want to get rid of the Corona kilos or maintain your healthy weight? You can do this with Damhert's meal replacement shakes.?

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The new Delaan look!

After 55 years the Delaan sauces get a new look.

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The gluten-free chocolate mini muffins and chocolate chip cakes are the NEWEST desserts at Damhert!

Damhert already had delicious gluten-free madeleines in her range, but a few important cakes were still missing from our gluten-free range.

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Which gluten-free products are a must on the market?

The celiac association recently conducted a poll among its members about the gluten-free range.

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Do you know everything about Damherts’ Biofood?

Biofood is Damherts ’complete range of organic food. Biofood is food, whose raw materials are grown in a natural way.

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