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Go coco loco with the NEW Damhert low carb coco chocolat cookie!

Damhert has a new shortbread with a coconut flavour and layer of chocolate, the Low carb coco chocolate cookie.

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The new Damhert veggies, your favourite Mexican snack!

Damhert is enriching its veggie range with two new Mexican-inspired burgers.

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Do you like a vanilla and raspberry combination? Then the new gluten-free Pinkies are for you!

Raspberry and vanilla a super tasty combination that could not be missed in the Damhert range.

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Which gluten-free products are a must on the market?

The celiac association recently conducted a poll among its members about the gluten-free range.

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Do you know everything about Damherts’ Biofood?

Biofood is Damherts ’complete range of organic food. Biofood is food, whose raw materials are grown in a natural way.

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