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Tagatose, what is it?

Tagatose is a natural sugar with delicious sweet taste and a low calorie content. Also convenient for diabetics!



Experts in the field of Gluten intolerance!

People with coeliac disease must follow a very strict gluten free diet. It is very important to eat the right substitute products, which nevertheless contain the necessary nutriments.

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Tagatose, is it the sugar of the future? Absolutely!

Tagatose is a sugar (monosaccharide), but with very different properties than the standard table sugar that we know today as sucrose or saccharose.

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Slim and fit during the summer with the whole family!

Want to stay slim and fit during the summer with your family? Follow the helpful tips of Damhert!

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A diabetic tsunami is on its way!

A diabetic tsunami is on its way! Can you really protect yourself from diabetes?

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Eating tasty without salt

Salt is used a lot in the preparation of food as a flavouring and preservative. Find out how you can still cook tasty and healthy food without salt!

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Damhert has stayed SLIM yet again

The very first healthy meal replacement, without bad sugars!

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My internship at Damhert

Do you want to know how I experienced my internship at Damhert? Then check out this blog!

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The most popular diets of last year

We sum up the most popular diets of 2016 for you and help you right away with some products from our Damhert assortment.

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Why do we opt for TAGATOSE? And not for ordinary sugar or fructose?

Sugar: everyone is familiar with it and it is contained in a huge range of products. It is often added as a flavouring even in foods where you wouldn't expect to find it.

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Entomofood: the use of edible insects in the Western diet

Insects are the latest culinary sensation. Eating insects is still a challenge in the western world but in fact insects can already be found on the menu in at least 100 countries!

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Ask a vegetarian!

Five questions you've always wanted to ask a vegetarian!

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Insecta! Does it itch to taste?

Insects have found their way to the supermarket since the end of 2014. Damhert has hereby again fulfilled its pioneering role with the ‘Insecta’ range.

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Damhert is helping to fight the problem of diabetes and obesity

The numbers have now reached 422 million. That's 422 million adults who suffer from the chronic illness diabetes. Four times more than the 108 million in 1980.

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Tagatesse, Sweet Without Sin!

Damhert allows you to meet its flagship 'Tagatesse', the ultimate healthy sweetener!

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40 days without meat! Will you join us?

Joining Days Without Meat does not mean that you do not have to eat anything for 40 days. It can be 40 nice days full of culinary discoveries and great moments.

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With Slim you win!

Are you planning to lose weight? Then the Damhert Slim meal shakes and meal bars are delicious products to help you to control your weight!

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Start the summer slimmer with Damhert

Start the SLIM diet today, and start the summer slimmer with Damhert! With Slim, you win!

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