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Top 10 best-selling products in Belgium

Have you ever wondered why lists are more fun than regular text? A list makes us curious. The information will be remembered more and better. It makes us feel good, it reads faster and gives us a clear overview. So it' s ideal to list our top 10 best-selling products in Belgium. Enjoy!

1)Damhert Wellbeing Tea Stimulates the intestines

Maybe a little surprise? Not for us. This refreshing mixture of herbs including fennel, senna leaves, anise and lemon grass is our number 1. Tasty and conducive to digestion. Enjoy your tea time with Damhert.

2)Damhert Tagatesse Table sweetener

Without a doubt our most famous product. It is actually a bit 'the face of Damhert'. The perfect sweetener for diabetics, low in calories and carbohydrates, lactose-free and usable in both cold and hot foods and drinks. Baking was never healthier. In short, the best substitute for anyone who wants or has to avoid sugar.

3)Damhert Traditional Sesame bar gluten free

Traditional, gluten-free, tasty. A real take-away, often found at the cash point. This gluten-free sesame bar is located at spot 3.

4)Biofood Rice cakes dark chocolate BIO

Currently the only product of our Biofood assortment in the top 10. The ideal, healthy snack. Organic, gluten-free with dark chocolate. Highly recommended.

5)Damhert Puur Fruit Jam strawberries

Damhert's best scoring jam. And we can certainly not call that a surprise. Contains only sugars that are present in the fruit (strawberry). Pure taste for a full breakfast.

6)Damhert Puur Fruit Jam Apricots

Falls just outside the top 5, but almost as popular as the strawberry variety. Great, pure taste.

7)Damhert Tagatesse Dispenser

A variant of the table-top sweetener, these sweet drops. 1 tablet has the sweetening power of 4g of sugar. Low in calories and carbohydrates. Delicious in coffee, tea and other drinks.

8)Damhert Tagatesse Chocolate waffles

A waffle, chocolate, Belgian, reduced in calories and carbohydrates and suitable for anyone who wants or has to avoid sugar. That must be a top product and it is certainly one. In 8th place of the best-selling products. Logical, because it's very good.

9)Damhert Without Sugars Peejays marshmallows

Our delicious marshmallows can be found back in 9th place and are by far our best rotating sweets. Suitable for anyone who wants or has to avoid sugar and also gluten free and lactose free.

10)Damhert Tagatesse Soft vanilla waffles

A soft vanilla wafer with the same properties as the chocolate variant (see place 8). Without chocolate, but lactose free (less than 0.1g/100g lactose). Closes the top 10.

Top 10 best-selling products in Belgium

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