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Damhert protein diet: daily schedule 1

Damhert wants to support people who follow a protein diet by drawing up 3 different daily schedules. These schedules can serve as a guideline and also bring variation in your protein diet.


This is the first daily schedule:


Breakfast: Damhert meal replacement shake banana

2 scoops of our meal shake mix + 250ml skimmed milk = breakfast

You can also combine these flavors by eg taking 1 scoop of vanilla and 1 scoop of the banana. There is now 1 + 1 free action, which makes combining easier.


Full with proteins, fiber and vitamins --> 200kcal.


Snack: a piece of fruit at your choice

Many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Lunch: Lentil soup with turmeric


Lentils = proteins & fibers = fewer calories + a feeling of satisfaction


Snack: Damhert Slim protein bar white chocolate & strawberry

Only 112 kcal per bar.


Dinner: Salad in a jar


The couscous in the salad contains less than 200kcal.


Drink: at least 2 liters of water or drink our balanced weight yung nann tea

The dried herb in this tea helps to achieve and maintain a balanced weight.

Damhert protein diet: daily schedule 1

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