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All Natural, healty snacking

All Natural is the new product category that Damhert has developed for the snackers among us. Most snacks are unhealthy, which does not really promote your healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, Damhert found something on this and we developed a new line, All Natural.


All Natural stands for natural products, artisan production and healthy snacking. The ingredients and production of these All Natural snacks prove their innocence, because the fat and sugar is lower than with most snacks. Damhert can already offer you a varied selection of healthy, unguilty snacks with its All Natural range. This range already includes 3 healthy snacks. So let's enjoy, unguilty pleasures.


The first snack is our All Natural nut and dried fruit mix. These are the ideal healthy snacks because no sugars were added. So only the natural sugars of the products themselves remain present. Our All natural mixes in handy cups are multifunctional. You can simply place them on a party table, use them as decoration with dishes, or just enjoy snacking them. These snacks are already available in our website and in your better supermarket at the nuts and dried fruit department.


The second snack is our All Natural Fit snacks, cookies with a mix of grains as a basis. These are the ultimate healthy snacks for children and adults because of the natural ingredients they contain. These fit snacks are ideal for snacking on the go. The individual packaging also fits perfectly in the handbag, sports bag or children's satchel. The fit snacks are now available in our webshop and in your better supermarket at the cash register or at the nuts and dried fruit department.



The third and final snack that we propose is our Fit Snack Peas. These support healthy snacking because they are high in protein. The Fit Snack Peas come in 3 different flavors of wasabi, chilli lime and salted. These are now available in our webshop or in your better supermarket.

All Natural, healty snacking

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