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How Damhert gave added value to my internship?

Damhert serves various groups of added value eaters, but Damhert also added value to my internship.



Because of the master's internship in communication sciences, I would be able to convert my theoretical knowledge into practice for the first time. Because of this I wanted to find an internship that could offer me a unique experience and Damhert is therefore "the place to be". Damhert is unique in this society because it is a family business that markets niche products that promote a healthy and ecological lifestyle to both consumers and businesses, such as supermarkets. BUT I think Damhert Nutrition had convinced me before with their products during my student job at one of their supermarket customers. There I was seduced by the Damhert logo and their packaging in different colors. So I chose Damhert because it is unique and their marketing made me "Damhert Nutrition" top of mind.



Since I am a master student in communication sciences, my duties at Damhert were mainly marketing communications. I have developed and launched various promotions, recipes, blogs, direct mailings, personal gadgets and the new All Natural campaign. Furthermore, I also had the task of social media manager, so I posted many posts on the social media of Damhert. As an intern, I am happy that I have been allowed to perform so many marketing tasks, because I never dreamed of that. So in this task package I have allowed my creativity to run free and broaden my theoretical knowledge with practical skills.


Work atmosphere

The description of the working atmosphere is already contained in the word "family business". Damhert is a family because of the cozy homely atmosphere, but it remains a company with hard workers in the warehouse and on the desk. Within Damhert everyone is open, social and equal, so that I immediately felt at home as an intern.

I want to thank Damhert for this unique experience and for the added value it gave to my internship. You will certainly hear from me or I will sometimes return to Damhert as my "place to be".

How Damhert gave added value to my internship?

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