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Choose sustainability with Damhert

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in recent years and this interest will continue to grow. Our current lifestyle, consumption patterns and economy are putting great pressure on our planet. If we continue to live in this way, our planet will become exhausted, at the expense of our next generations.


To prevent this, we need to live more sustainably.


Sustainability is a broad concept. It includes a social, an economic and an ecological idea. It is often explained on the basis of the 3 P's: people, planet, profit. With sustainability these 3 (people, environment/planet and profit/revenue) are in balance. We must be careful with raw materials, our natural environment and ecosystems in order not to endanger our future generations and not to exhaust our planet.


Our diet also makes an important contribution. With sustainable food we can make a big difference.



How we, at Damhert, contribute our bit


Sustainability is also important to us at Damhert. We try to integrate this value in our way of working.

We make the conscious choice to work together with local partners as much as possible.

We also try to reduce our waste mountain.

All our products are unpacked and repackaged in reusable boxes before being distributed to the stores. In this way, we limit waste and packaging material in the further steps of our chain.

We also deliver our products to the stores at product level. This gives the stores the opportunity to order the products individually, the exact number they need, without the obligation to purchase full bulk packaging. In this way we try to reduce food waste.


Not only our way of working, but also our range radiates sustainability.


At Damhert, we place a strong emphasis on         a plant based nutrition. With our extensive vegetarian and vegan range we promote this and try to encourage less meat. After all, introducing one or more vegetarian days per week not only benefits our health, but also our environment. Reducing the consumption of animal products and increasing vegetable consumption has an important, positive influence on our planet. You can recognize our vegetarian products by the red veggie label on the packaging and the vegan products by our yellow vegan label.


Our Biofood range, with an extensive choice of organic products, also fits within this sustainability thinking. Both in terms of landscape value and animal friendliness, organic products are a better choice. Organic agriculture ensures that our soil is not so quickly exhausted. Moreover, it also pollutes the soil much less because no pesticides are used. All our Biofood products are 100% organic and carry the European organic label.






A year ago we made the next big step towards a better and healthier environment with our ECO Wash range. Here you will find cleaning products that all carry the European Ecolabel. This label is awarded to products with a reduced impact on the environment and guarantees an environmentally friendly production.


We are already proud of the steps we have already taken towards sustainability, but we will certainly continue to work in the future to make both our operations and our range even more sustainable.



How you can contribute


Sustainability is a matter for everyone. You too can contribute to a more sustainable world.


  • Go for less meat: the production and consumption of meat has a major impact on our environment. Try eating vegetarian once in a while. No inspiration? Then definitely try our meat substitutes or take a look at our recipes page.


  • Local & seasonal: Choose local, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Seasonal products have a much lower environmental impact because less transport and energy is required for production. On the internet you will find many seasonal calendars that can help you with this.


  • Avoid wasting food: Don't buy more than you need and process the remains creatively. For example, make soup from your surplus vegetables.
Choose sustainability with Damhert

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