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40 days without meat! Will you join us?

The annual time of Fasting is upon us again! The veggie association EVA has gone one step farther with their ‘Meat-free Days’ campaign.  40 days of less (or no!) meat or fish, to support the environment and animals.  Here at Damhert we’ve signed up already: hi veggie, bye salami! Discover our scrumptious meat substitutes in your supermarket.

Stumped for ideas on what to cook tonight? EVA wants to help you! Check out their 40 vegetarian recipes at:

Together with friends, family, colleagues or your neighbours: why not discover new recipes and restaurants, attend cookery workshops, whilst reducing your ecological footprint at the same time?  EVA is on hand to help you make 40 tasty days of it.

40 days without meat! Will you join us?

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