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Dear consumer,

Vegetable nutrition is on the rise.
Together, we are increasingly opting for vegetarian or vegan food for health reasons, personal conviction or environmental interests.

Are you a vegetarian, vegan or do you eat less/no meat a few days a week? Then it is important that you replace meat in a full-fledged way. Ensure sufficient variation and replace proteins in a fully-fledged way by combining different protein sources. This can include vegetarian burgers/meat substitutes, legumes, grains and nuts.

Damhert supports you with an extensive range of meat substitutes. We offer both vegetarian and vegan options. Besides the good nutritional quality, with lots of proteins, our meat substitutes are also very tasty. In this way we strive to replace meat in a full-fledged and tasty way.

Do you also feel like tasting? 

Green vibes

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