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Let's talk about ... carbs

You’ve probably heard of 'low carb diets', 'low carbohydrate' or 'limited carbohydrate'. These are diets in which carbohydrates are to a greater or lesser extent deleted. Do you think it's too extreme for you? That is not necessarily the case.

In low carb diets, people are very conscious of the carbohydrates in their food. The amount of carbohydrates in the diet is strongly reduced, while proteins and fats get a larger share in the daily diet.

However, there are different forms and gradations of low carb. In very strict low-carb diets, almost all carbohydrates are eliminated, such as fruit, bread, pasta, cereals, ... In a carbohydrate-restricted diet, however, this is not so much the case. Here the carbohydrate content is also reduced, but a certain amount of carbohydrates is still allowed. Extra attention is paid to the quality of the carbohydrates. Slow, complex carbohydrates with lots of fibres which don't increase our blood sugar levels as fast are preferred and sugars get restricted.


Friend or enemy?

According to one, carbohydrates are indispensable as an important source of energy and according to another, carbohydrates are the enemy. What should you believe?

First of all, it must be stated clearly that carbohydrates are not 'the enemy'. Everything is about the right balance. Too much is never good. When you have the right balance between carbohydrates, fats and proteins in which you prefer complex fibrous carbohydrate sources and fruits and you limit the (added) sugars, carbohydrates are not necessarily a threat. However, you can also benefit from reducing your intake of carbohydrates. For example, a low carb diet in people with diabetes or people who are overweight sometimes has a greater and more positive effect than traditional diets. you can find more info about Low Carb diets here.

What is 'the enemy'? added sugars! Sugars cause peaks in your blood sugar level, which will make you hungry and appetite faster. Try to reduce the sugars in your diet and prefer complex carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, ...) and fruit. Many people now think 'but how'? It's often the tasty things like biscuits, chocolate and pastries that contain a lot of sugar. Can you never eat this again? Of course you can, our natural sugar substitute Tagatesse can help you with this.



Tagatesse can help you to eat less sugar. Tagatesse is a natural sweetener obtained from Lactose. In the end product, however, hardly any Lactose remains, which makes the sweetener also suitable for people with a lactose intolerance.

Thanks to its very low glycemic index, Tagatesse has no influence on blood sugar levels. For this reason, you don't need to include the amount of Tagatesse in your daily carbohydrate intake. To calculate the net carbohydrate value, you may deduct the grammage Tagatesse from the total number of carbohydrates. The exact amount of Tagatesse can always be found on the packaging of our products.

Besides its low glycemic index, Tagatesse has many other advantages. For example, the sweetener delivers 66% less kcal than regular sugar, although it is twice as sweet as sugar. To replace sugar with Tagatesse, you only need to use half of the indicated quantity. that's even less kcal!

Other positive properties are the high fibre content and a prebiotic effect on the intestinal flora. The sweetener is furthermore also very tooth-friendly. Thanks to its good heat resistance, the fabric is also very suitable for baking and cooking. Unlike most other sweeteners, Tagatesse provides a nice browning during baking and caramelization is also possible.  Moreover, the taste is similar to ordinary sugar. You hardly taste any difference.

These properties make the sweetener very suitable for different diets and diets. Because Tagatesse has no influence on blood sugar levels, it is an ideal alternative to sugar for people with diabetes.

Do you follow a ketogenic diet? Then you can also use Tagatesse with peace of mind. Due to the low glycemic index, there won't be an insulin response after the consumption Tagatesse and consequently your fat burning won't get interfered with. An excessive production of insulin (hormone released after consumption of carbohydrates and sugars) inhibits the lipolysis. Tagatesse is also suitable in a low carb diet.

However, you don’t need to have diabetes or follow a low carbohydrate diet to benefit from the use of Tagatesse. The substance also fits in a healthy diet or slimming diets. Thanks to the reduced energy content and higher sweetening properties, you can reduce your sugar intake by using Tagatesse.

Let's talk about ... carbs

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