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With Slim you win!

With Slim, you win!

Dieting is no easy task, certainly not if you’re doing it alone. That’s why Damhert wants to help. Our Damhert Slim shakes and bars are packed to the brim with proteins, yet are low in carbohydrates and fats.  Your body is thus forced to find energy from its fat reserves. These are then broken down, but your muscle mass remains intact! Your body will thank you as it won’t be affected or worn out.  Below you will find a product overview.

Meal replacement shakes
These creamy shakes are delicious products that aid weight loss and weight management! They provide at least 30% of the recommended intake of vitamins and minerals for low energy diets and are a tasty meal replacement to boot.  Available in a pot (chocolate or vanilla) and in handy sticks (coffee or

Meal replacement bars
Just like the shakes, our SLIM meal replacement bars are the perfect solution for those looking to lose or manage their weight. Simply replace your lunch with 2 bars. They are available in hazelnut, chocolate and strawberry with white chocolate: great to change up the flavours!

Snack bars
For those who often fancy a treat between meals. Our Slim snack bars are the ideal solution! Alternate the coconut or caramel bars with fruit or vegetables, and your hunger will disappear without needing to feel guilty about that piece of cake or biscuit!

Why opt for Damhert Slim? 

- To tackle weight loss head on
- To rapidly break down body fat percentage, without losing muscle mass
- To adopt a new dietary pattern
- To switch to a healthier lifestyle

With Slim you win!

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