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Do you know everything about Damherts’ Biofood?

Biofood is Damherts ’complete range of organic food. Biofood is food, whose raw materials are grown in a natural way. For example, a bio-farmer will not use chemical or synthetic pesticides and insecticides, but natural fighters will be deployed for this. All our Biofood products are truly organic, because you can find a bio logo with a matching organic number on every package. Damhert may only put this on the packaging if food safety has approved it, because high-quality organic food has many benefits that you cannot claim unfairly.

For example, the Biofood products do not contain pesticides. Our organic farmers use manure or compost that comes from organic plants and animals fed with organic food. Furthermore, the animals that produce the manure are not given antibiotics and have sufficient room for maneuver. This organic way of growing in combination with alternately growing other crops also means less damage to the environment. So the quality of the Biofood products is due to the high-quality way in which the raw materials of these products are grown.

Organic products also have more minerals and vitamins. We need this to achieve good health, normal growth and proper development. Biofood also brings back the original taste of food. Biofood gives taste back to all your eating moments, because Damhert offers a complete range of dry organic products with this range. From starting the day with a Biofood muesli, snacking in between with the Biofood fruits and nuts to ending the day with a tasty Biofood quinoa.

So Biofood means respect for people, animals and the environment and that is precisely what Damhert's vision is.


Discover our Biofood products here!

Do you know everything about Damherts’ Biofood?

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