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Insecta! Does it itch to taste?


At Damhert, we collectively think about the future and about animal welfare.  ‘Love our planet’ is the message we want to get across using Insecta. Make your ecological footprint smaller, and choose for renewable ways! Insecta is a durable range with respect for the environment. 

Taste these wholesome meat replacements based on buffalo worms and mealworms, rich in protein and low in fat.  They’re not only incredibly tasty and good for you, but also good to our planet!

Why you should try eating insects?

- It’s good for the environment

- They’re rich in protein

- Low in fat

Why insects?

Firstly we must become aware of the challenges we are (going to be) confronted with.  The population grows and meat is a basic element in our culture. But because of the continuing rise in costs (production and raw materials), meat will only become more expensive! Eventually it will even evolve into becoming a luxury product. 

The increasingly large environment issues are also a problem to consider. Raising cattle costs much energy and its CO2 emissions are very high. We currently save much energy breeding insects, because many insects are bred using a very small surface.  The emissions are also 3 times less than those arising from raising cattle for meat.

Moreover, insects are rich in protein and low in fat.  This means that insects can be used as the perfect meat and fish replacement.

Did you know that Belgium was the first country in Europe to allow the processing of insects in food?

Eating insects is however still a challenge in the Western world.  Apparently not everybody is ready to eat insects.  Nevertheless, the average customer is very curious. 

In other non-European countries, insects have been a part of the menu for many years. In many countries in Asia and Africa insects are often even seen as delicacies.

Insecta! Does it itch to taste?

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