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Test your knowledge about diabetes and don't forget to taste our Tagatesse products.

By 2025, approximately 7.5% of Belgians will suffer from prediabetes and 10% from diabetes. The increase in this percentage is due to our western Burgundian lifestyle, in which a glass of alcohol and food with a lot of hidden sugars should not be missing. To counter these percentages, it is therefore important to have knowledge about diabetes and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The Diabetes Liga and Damhert can help you with this, because we want to be there both for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

The Diabetes liga helps you provide information about the content of the disease diabetes, symptoms, solutions, ... A study, which they recently carried out, they found that the average Fleming underperformed on a knowledge test. The participants did not even achieve 5 out of 10. This score was the deciding factor for the Diabetes Liga to develop a new knowledge tool, namely the diabetes myth meter. This tool will break through all the myths about diabetes and at the same time inform what diabetes is. From this you can derive for yourself whether you have prediabetes or diabetes and decide to change your lifestyle with the help of Damhert.

Damhert's Tagatesse, less sugars and without sugars range includes various cookies, candies, chocolates, sweeteners and spreads that fits perfectly into a healthy diet for diabetics and prediabetics. The reason for this is that these products have a low impact on your blood sugar leves and do not increase your weight. This is because the sweeteners in these products have a much lower glycemic index and calorie value than sugar. Furthermore, these sweeteners also provide a prebiotic effect that will strengthen the slimming process. So the Damhert Tagatesse and without sugars products help prediabetics and diabetics to lose weight and reduce their blood sugar levels without losing the sweet taste of sugar.

Now you know more about our Tagatesse, less sugars and without sugars range and it is time for you to test your knowledge about diabetes yourself. Surf to , take the test and derive whether you are developing prediabetes or diabetes yourself.

After this test you will fancy a variety of sweets such as cookies, candies, chocolates, etc., but if you want to eat this without guilt and raising your blood sugar level, definitely taste the without sugars and Tagatesse products from Damhert. Here you can discover and order the Tagatesse range and here you can find it without sugars range.

Test your knowledge about diabetes and don't forget to taste our Tagatesse products.

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