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Which gluten-free products are a must on the market?

The celiac association recently conducted a poll among its members about the gluten-free range. They gave their opinion about which gluten-free products are missing on the market, but Damhert already has most of these products in its gluten-free range.


Fresh bread

Firstly, this survey indicated that there is a big lack of fresh bread products. Damhert already has different varieties of bread in its range. From classic brown, white and multigrain bread to white and brown buns, hamburger buns, raisin bread and baguettes. Damhert also provides bread mixes so that you can bake a bread to your own taste.


Pastries and cookies

Secondly, people with celiac disease are also looking for different gluten-free pastries and Damhert is already responding well to this. For example, Damhert has a wide range of gluten-free cookies and cakes, of which the brownies, rikkies, almond cakes and coconut rings are the bestsellers. In this survey, gluten-free cookies were also surveyed, which absolutely must come on the market. According to the members they are sugar waffles, egg cakes and gingerbread, but Damhert has already introduced gluten-free and sugar-free gingerbread. Damhert also wants to encourage you to bake your own cakes with its gluten-free cake mix and pancake-waffle mix.


Breakfast products

Thirdly, celiac patients also find it difficult to find food other than bread for breakfast, such as pastries, oat flakes and breakfast cereals. Gluten-free corn flakes, choc pops, honey pops, oat flakes, fruit muesli and chocolate muesli are already available at Damhert. You can also have breakfast on the go with our gluten-free muesli bars with chocolate, raspberry or peanut.



Finally, these members also missed gluten-free products for people with combined allergies, who are also allergic to lactose, corn, sulphite in addition to celiac disease. Furthermore, they also found difficult sugar-free and gluten-free products. Thanks to Damhert, a celiac patient can eat both lactose-free, no sugars or vegan, such as our breads, speculoos, oat crackers, etc. These combinations remain important for Damhert and we will continue to build on this in the future.

According to this opinion poll, Damhert's gluten-free range can still largely meet consumer demand. This is because Damhert strives to assist celiac patients with their difficult diet.


Discover our gluten-free range here!

Which gluten-free products are a must on the market?

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