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Did you know that the low salt products from Damhert are also suitable for diabetics?

The Low salt products from Damhert fit into a low-salt diet. This diet is often prescribed for people with heart or kidney disease, but is also suitable for people with diabetes-related kidney disease.


Diabetes-related kidney disease


Diabetes can damage the blood vessels in the kidneys and the surrounding tissue, while the kidneys have an important function in the body. They filter the blood and thus remove waste from the body via urine. They also keep the level of all salts in balance and activate vitamin D, which is responsible for calcium and bone production. In the initial phase diabetes-related kidney disease does not cause any symptoms, only through control will you know this. The best guarantee to keep your kidneys healthy with diabestes is a healthy lifestyle, a good follow-up of diabetes and possibly appropriate medication.


The combination of Low salt, sugar-free and Tagatesse products from Damhert as a solution


Not everyone with diabetes will develop diabetes-related kidney disease, but diabetics are particularly at risk if they have poor glycemic control, high blood pressure, obesity or genetic heredity. It is best to adopt a healthy lifestyle based on healthy diabetes food, low salt products, low saturated fatty acids, sufficient exercise and limited alcohol consumption. Damhert has several products that can fit into this lifestyle such as our Tagatesse, without sugars and low salt products. The Tagatesse and without sugars products keep your weight and blood sugar levels up with their low glycemic index, low carbohydrate and calorie value. The low salt products, on the other hand, ensure that the damaged kidneys do not have to process salt, so that your blood pressure remains normal and the risk of diabetes-related kidney disease falls.

Here you can find our low salt products. These are mainly seasoning that makes your low-salt dishes taste better, so you  will not miss salt. Here you can find our Tagatesse products, if you did not know them yet.

 Did you know that the low salt products from Damhert are also suitable for diabetics?

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