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Legumes and Damhert: What is the connection?

The aim of Damhert is to bring healthy food onto the market that benefits everyone without harming people, animals and the environment. Legumes have the same purpose. That is why Damhert has several legumes in its Biofood range for a while, namely various types of lentils, beans and peas.


Legumes and health

Legumes are high in protein, ensuring energy and good muscle mass retention. They not only have a high protein content, but also a high fiber content. The fibers and proteins in legumes together create a saturated feeling and promote intestinal mobility. They also contain pectin. This substance lowers LDL cholesterol (= bad cholesterol), which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Finally, all legumes contain carbohydrates, which causes a slow rise in glycemia.


Biofood legumes and climate

For the climate it is better that we reduce our meat consumption, because livestock farming is one of the causes for global warming. Legumes have a high protein and iron content and can therefore serve as meat substitutes. At Damhert, the legumes are also grown organically, which means there is a minimal climate burden. No further cooling or speed is required for the transport of our Biofood pods, because they are dried and can be stored for a long time. So by eating our Biofood legumes, you are helping not only your health but also the climate.


How to prepare Biofood legumes?

You can easily add the Biofood legumes to your daily diet, because you can perfectly process them in soups, stews, burgers, wok, dips and salads. But how should you prepare this? Damhert only sells organic legumes in dried form. These must always be cooked before you can eat them. If you soak them in advance, you can reduce the cooking time. When soaking, the pods grow to two and a half times as large. To give the legumes a spicier taste in advance, you can add herbs to the water in which you soak them. Choose a spice mix with little salt, because that makes your dish healthier and your pods less tough. Lentils are one exception to this. You should not soak these before cooking. Legumes are very healthy, so the long soaking and cooking times are certainly worth the effort. But if it needs to go fast, Damhert already has a number of ready-to-eat legume-based meat substitutes in its vegan range, such as a lentil burger and falafel-quinoa burger.


Consider the climate and your health by adding the Biofood legumes from Damhert to your lifestyle.

You can find different recipes with our Biofood legumes on our website.

Legumes and Damhert: What is the connection?

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