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Which Damhert products are suitable for the ketogenic diet?

In many diets, fats are seen as the thickeners, but in the keto diet, carbohydrates are labelled as the new enemies. But what exactly is a ketogenic diet and can you use Damhert products in this diet?

The ketogenic diet

With the ketogenic diet, people will eat primarily high-fat foods and carbohydrates are only permitted to a very limited extent. You are only permitted to eat between 20 and 50 grams of carbohydrates a day. With a low carbohydrate intake, ketones are formed in the body. They will work as fuel for the brain. Carbohydrate-rich products are not permitted in the ketogenic diet. One of the most know carbohydrate is sugar. Further, potatoes, bread, pasta, grains etc. aren’t allowed.

What are the benefits of a ketogenic diet?

  • reduce the feeling of hunger
  • a solution for obesity
  • lowers fat content while maintaining muscle mass with Keto
  • beneficial for the heart and blood vessels
  • also suitable for people with type 2 diabetes

Ketogenic Damhert products

The diet will therefore mainly consist of meat and fish, leafy green vegetables and other low-sugar vegetables, fat dairy products, nuts and seeds, avocado, berries and fats. Damhert has a wide range of low-carbohydrate food, which are perfect for this diet. These products are high in fat and consist mainly of healthy fats. Here you can find a list with Ketogenic products from Damhert.

Which Damhert products are suitable for the ketogenic diet?

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