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How can Damhert help you to bridge the Lent in a healthy way?

Do you participate in the Lent? Is it sometimes difficult to maintain? Damhert would like to help you make a good time out of it.

What is the Lent?

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and serves as a preparation for the Easter celebration. During the Lent, certain luxury must be denied. Denying luxury also means paying attention to your food. No alcohol, soft drinks, all products with sugar, ...  anymore. In short, all extras must be left out. Traditionally you don’t need to fast on the 6 Sundays during the period. On Sunday you can choose entirely what you want to eat.


Damhert has an extensive range of products with Tagatesse. Tagatesse is a sweetener with a lower calorie intake than sugar. It ensures that you can enjoy a biscuit during this period. The products have less carbohydrates compared to similar products with sugar. The reason is that Tagatesse and the polyols don’t have to be included when counting the carbohydrates.

I can’t eat meat, what now?

You can’t eat meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and all other Fridays of the Lent. Damhert has a total number of 25 meat substitutes for dinner. You can also choose for a tasty meal with legumes. Both the meat substitutes and the legumes are high in protein and fibre. All meat substitutes can be found here and all legumes here

Some tips to carry on with the Lent.

- You can drink a Wellbeing tea instead of a soft drink. You will find them here.  

- You can use Tagatesse table dispenser instead of sugar with coffee, tea or other drinks.

- Choose Puur Fruit Jam, no extra sugars have been added.

- Choose Biofood dark rice or Biofood spaghetti multicereal during the afternoon so that you no longer need a snack in the evening.

- If you feel like something sweet, you can choose for Biofood dried fruits such as raisins, plums, etc. ..

A nice week menu for during the Lent.

During the Lent, it is sometimes difficult to choose what you can and cannot eat. Damhert has created this weekly menu especially for you so that you can gain inspiration for the coming days.  The products or recipes that you can find on the Damhert website are indicated with a link. You can find the menu here.

Are you ready to try the Lent together with Damhert?

How can Damhert help you to bridge the Lent in a healthy way?

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