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What can you eat as a healthy snack at school or work?

It is quite a challenge to resist the candy machine or the treats of your fellow student or colleague. Yet we know it is better to follow a healthy lifestyle with the Damhert snacks. Eating snacks has an important benefit, regularity. By eating three healthy snacks in one day, you distribute the energy intake over the day.

Fruits and vegetables

When the words "healthy snacks" are spoken, most people spontaneously think of fruit. Also vegetables are a great choice for a snack. Fruits and vegetables have various benefits. First, they are a good sources of vitamins, minerals and other bioactive substances. In addition, there is a lot of fiber in fruit, so you can stay saturated for a longer period. But can you only eat fruits and vegetables? No worries, there is more!

Damhert can help you vary between different kind of snacks. For example, occasionally you can chose for dried fruit. Drying fruit is a minimal natural process, yet it will increase the sugar content. Because of this you need to stick to a maximum of a handful per day (around 40 grams). Still, it is a good choice because it contains a lot of fibres. It is a perfect boost for a busy day where you have to move a lot. Damhert has an extensive range of dried fruit. You will find Biofood raisins, plums without seeds, apricots and figs and Fit Food pineapple cubes, banana chips, mango, papaya cubes and a tropical mix.

Hot snack

Whenever it is possible you can heat yourself in the winter with a nice cup of warm soup. Soup is an easy way to consume vegetables. In addition, it also ensures fluid intake. Damhert has a vegetable and tomato soup in its range. The vegetable soup is gluten-free and organic and the tomato soup is gluten and lactose-free. You can find them here.

Savoury snack

Do you prefer something savoury? You can choose for a sandwich or a rice cake with toppings of your choice. Damhert has a range of different types of gluten-free bread, sandwiches and rice cakes, you’ll find them here.  It is recommended to eat a handful (around. 40 grams) of nuts daily. Nuts contain many proteins, healthy fats, fibres and minerals. Always chose for the unsalted variation. Damhert has a large assortment of nuts including almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and brazil nuts. All these products are organic (Biofood). The full range of both nuts and dried fruit can be reached here.

Can I have a cookie too?

Cookies belong to the rest group. But you really want a cookie? Then choose wisely! Damhert has several cookies on the market without/less sugars. You can find petit beurre cookies, cent waffles, sprits cookies, ...  of Damehert. As a result, these products contain les calories and carbohydrates. In addition, the Damhert cookies provide more fiber. You can discover the full range of cookies here.

Remember to never be too strict on yourself and occasionally treat yourself with a Damhert snack!


What can you eat as a healthy snack at school or work?

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