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Damhert's gluten-free bread: a bomb of carbohydrates or good for your health?

Damhert has various types of bread and bread mixes on the market that fully fit into a gluten-free and/or lactose-free diet such as the baguette, imperial buns,…. But today the good image of bread is under attack. People say that bread is rich in carbohydrates and these cause health problems like obesity. However, it has been shown that bread can have many benefits. What are the advantages of Damhert breads besides being gluten and/or lactose free?


-breakfast with bread from Damhert gives energy and increases the feeling of saturation

-source of iodine, what ensures the functioning of the thyroid

-source of vitamin B

-source of iron

-little fat present in Damhert bread mixes

-the same amount or even less sugar compared to gluten-containing bread

-high in fibre, it contributes to a good digestion

-proteïnerijk broodbeleg zoals het no meat gamma of de vegetarische burgers zorgen ervoor dat de bloedsuikergehalte niet snel zal stijgen, alle vleesvervangers vind je hier.

-protein-rich spreads such as the no meat range or the vegetarian/vegan burgers ensure that the blood sugar level will not rise quickly.


Beyond that, bread is also avoided because people think bread is always boring. But this does not have to be right! Damhert has different recipes of spreads or tasty burgers like the carrot walnut spread or the vegetarian hot chili burger to try! Find them all here. Damhert can also help you if you don't feel like eating bread. Damhert has enough products to guarantee variety. You can choose an oat cracker, rice cake quinoa, corn waffle with linseed and much more. These products are also completely gluten and / or lactose free.

All our bread and variants can be found here!

Damhert's gluten-free bread: a bomb of carbohydrates or good for your health?

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