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What are the barriers to a healthy lifestyle?

Type 2 diabetes is dramatically increasing in Europe. It is now estimated that 1 in 12 adults suffers from it. The main causes of developing type 2 diabetes are: not enough exercise, sedentary behaviour and unhealthy eating habits. Damhert has found the most important barriers to a healthy lifestyle and will provide you some tips to prevent them as well as possible. So from now on you can work together with Damhert on a healthy lifestyle!

Lack of knowledge about exercise

It is recommended to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. It is not only important to know how much you should exercise, but also whether you should eat something before or after exercise or not. In order to not feel drained during exercise, it is important to eat an energy-rich snack before you start. The ideal Damhert snacks for this are our dried fruit from biofood and Fit food, but also our muesli bars, sesame bars and taste-it.

A lot of sedentary behaviour due to the need for relaxation and rest after a busy day

It is recommended to interrupt sitting every 30 minutes. But after a busy day at work or school you sometimes just want to take a break. But oh dear, you want a nice cookie but they are all gone! A perfect moment to get up and go to the store. Damhert products can be found at the Spar, Carrefour market, Delhaize, etc. Enter your zip code here and find the store closest to you. Then you can finally sit in the couch and watch your favourite program. Make sure that you put the Damhert snack just far enough that you still have to get up to take another piece. In this way you ensure that you still have to get up from time to time.

Unhealthy eating habits

Preparing healthy food is time-consuming

Not always, Damhert has a range of meal shakes and meal bars that are ready in no time. For the Think Slim meal shakes you only have to put 250 ml of skimmed milk in a shaker, add the contents of 2 measuring scoops (32g) and shake well. And voila, it's already done. Find the perfect taste for you here! Damhert also has Slim protein bars. Find them here.

Lack of cooking skills

Do you need some recipes to cook well? Damhert has more than 150 recipes to choose from. Enough choice. The difficulty level is given with each recipe. So at the start you can only try the "easy" recipes if you want. You can find the delicious Damhert recipes here.

Lack of knowledge

It is sometimes difficult to know what is healthy and what is not. If you choose for Damhert products, you know that you are doing well. Damhert is known for the Tagatesse. This is a sweetener that contains far fewer calories and has a lower glycemic index. So it's a healthier choice to choose Tagatesse over sugar. In addition, Damhert also has fiber-rich products (Fiber Fit), Biofood dried fruits, Biofood oils, Biofood nuts, Biofood legumes, and many more that all have a positive effect on health.

Find the perfect products for you here!

Are you ready to overcome these barriers together with Damhert?

What are the barriers to a healthy lifestyle?

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