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How to eat climate friendly with Damhert?

Damhert is your partner for healthy and functional food, but it also helps you to live climate friendly. Healthy eating is actually super ecological, because 30% of global CO2 emissions come from an unhealthy diet. Climate-friendly food also has a number of other advantages, namely more colour, taste, variety, nutrients, better health and less CO2 emissions & animal suffering. In short, this diet takes account of people, animals and the environment, but how exactly do Damhert's products do this?


Go (occasionally) veggie with Damhert

Vegan or vegetarian food reduces your food-related CO2 emissions by 30 to 45%, because the methane gas that cattle emit has a very negative impact on the climate. Damhert's meat substitutes and organic legumes are the ideal foods to become completely veggie or to spend a few vegetarian days, as they save you a 65km (7 kilos of CO2) car journey per dish. In addition to the climate advantage, these Damhert products are also rich in protein, low in fat, less animal suffering and reduce your risk of intestinal cancer.

The Damhert Wellbeing teas, which give more flavour to water

The more a product is processed, the greater the impact on the climate. That's why you should always choose water first! Because by drinking water instead of 2 glasses of soda, we save as much CO2 as when we plant 5000 football fields of forest. Of course, only consuming water becomes a bit boring after a while, but Damhert's Wellbeing teas are a solution for that. Damhert has various flavours in its range, so there is something for everyone.

Choose Damhert organic cereal products, seeds, kernels, nuts and dried fruit.

Damhert's Biofood range also helps the climate. After all, these products are grown according to other processing methods, such as the soils continue to be reused and no pesticides & synthetic fertilisers are added. The Biofood range mainly contains cereal products, seeds, kernels, nuts and dried fruit, so you will eat less meat and less processed products. So your food-related emissions will decrease and you will also get a lot of health benefits and tasty flavours.

The Damhert products are available locally

In addition to the fact that the products are climate friendly in themselves, the distribution of these products is also held locally. You can buy our products mainly physically in all the better local supermarkets and nature shops within the BENELUX . You will always be able to find a Damhert point of sale within a radius of 10 kilometres, which will also reduce your personal transport CO2 emissions to get food.

Finally, Damhert has also listed all its climate-friendly food.

You can consult this list here.

Check the list and reduce your CO2 emissions by 80% with Damhert's climate friendly products.

How to eat climate friendly with Damhert?

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