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How functional are Damhert's Wellbeing teas?

Damhert wants to be your partner not only for healthy food, but also for healthy drinks.  We do this by adding the second most popular drink worldwide "TEA" with various flavours and functions to our Wellbeing range. Just like water, unsweetened tea provides your body with moisture in a healthy way. Furthermore, Damhert herbal teas contain 0 calories and no allergens, so you can drink them without risk. It also stops tooth decay, because our teas have no natural sugars, caffeine and theine.

In addition to these general benefits, only Wellbeing teas have extra functions to remedy ailments. The "Ideal weight tea", like all teas, takes away your feeling of hunger for a while, but above all helps to reach and maintain your weight.  We also have "Tea Stimulates the intestines", which in turn stimulates digestion. On the other hand, the "Goodnight's sleep tea" ensures less insomnia, a relaxed feeling and improved sleep quality due to the calming effect of the lemon balm.

In addition to functional teas, Damhert also has 4 herbal teas, each of which has a special effect. Firstly, "Fennel tea" has a soothing effect in case of bloating and helps to digest heavy meals better. But you can also get a fresh breath from fennel. Secondly, our "Liquorice tea" combats tickling coughs and stuck mucus. Because liquorice will make more mucus and you can cough it up easily. Liquorice tea can also be used to sweeten other teas. Thirdly, "Ginger lime" is soothing for colds, sore throats and digestion. Ginger warms you up and increases your energy and focus. On the other hand, it also reduces stress and has an anti-inflammatory effect due to its richness in antioxidants. Finally, "Nettle tea" provides you with more iron, minerals and vitamins than any other green vegetable. So this naturally has a purifying effect on the blood circulation, digestion and kidneys.


You can test the many benefits by buying these Wellbeing teas in your better supermarket, where you can find them in the Damhert Diet shelf. Or check them online now!

Get rid of your ailments with the healthy Damhert drinks!

How functional are Damhert's Wellbeing teas?

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