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Start the summer slimmer with Damhert

Start the summer slimmer with Damhert

Lots of people would love to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. Trendy diets that claim to make you healthy and promise rapid weight loss and a flat stomach are more popular than ever. Unfortunately, no one can survive on a carrot and a leaf of lettuce. You can only make good on those promises with a balanced diet. For the body to function optimally, you must consume the recommended daily amount of calories.

We get this at Damhert. The SLIM meal replacement shakes and bars are brimming with protein, and low in carbohydrates and fats. So your body is forced to get its energy from its own fat reserves, and those annoying fat cells are broken down.


Join us for the 21-day challenge!

Ready to accept the challenge? For 21 days, replace one or two meals per day with one SLIM meal replacement shake or two SLIM meal replacement bars. Do this in combination with a healthy lifestyle and adequate exercise. Supplement your diet with fruit, vegetables and a portion of white meat or fish, and start the morning with a 5-minute workout.

Have you already lost a few kilos and are looking for a way to maintain your new weight? Then regularly replace one meal per day with a SLIM shake, and be sure to remember to maintain your healthy lifestyle.


SLIM Supplements

Still having some difficulty losing those last few kilos? Our SLIM supplements offer an addition to your diet or to your healthy eating habits. The ‘Fatburner’ helps to suppress the feeling of being hungry, ‘Stop Snoeplust’ increases the feeling of fullness, and ‘Vezelslank’ stimulates digestion.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us at

Start the SLIM diet today, and start the summer slimmer with Damhert! With Slim, you win!

Start the summer slimmer with Damhert

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