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Slim and fit during the summer with the whole family!

Slim and fit into the summer with the whole family!

The summer holidays have started! Alarm clocks are no longer set and you have time to enjoy barbecues, ice cream, sun, sea and beach with the family. Finally we can forget about day-to-day routines for a while. Naturally you and your family want to be slim and fit during the summer. However, a different lifestyle can have a serious effect on your physical condition and result in extra pounds. Damhert gives you some useful tips to prevent this.

Tip 1: Drink, drink, drink

There is an extra risk of dehydration in the hot sun or on holiday. Make sure you drink enough water every day. Do your children prefer flavoured water? Add water to a glass of fruit juice and a slice of orange. Apart from drinking water, you can also eat products or food that contain water. This includes strawberries, watermelon and cucumber. Not only refreshing, but also super healthy.

Tip 2: Be active with the family

Active during the summer holidays? Often it is too hot to do anything or we prefer to lie in our deck chair by the swimming pool. What about going swimming with the family. Before you know it you have been active for half an hour. Prefer a quiet activity? Enjoy the tranquillity of a morning walk or go for a bicycle ride after dinner in the evening.

Tip 3: Go on a day trip

If you all go out on a fun day trip such as a theme park or the zoo, bring a mini cooler with some fruit and sandwiches. And don't forget healthy snacks, such as nuts and cucumber. You can also pamper yourself and your family of course with, for instance, an ice cream. After all, you are on holiday. With these tips you really will be slim and fit with the family in the summer!

Tip 4: Eat a varied diet

A summer full of activities also requires quick and healthy meals. Alternate barbecues with fresh salads and smoothies! On our recipe page you will find delicious, but more importantly, healthy recipes that go together with a fit lifestyle. Take a look and be inspired.

Slim and fit during the summer with the whole family!

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