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Entomofood: the use of edible insects in the Western diet

Insects are the latest culinary sensation. Eating insects is still a challenge in the western world but in fact insects can already be found on the menu in at least 100 countries!

As usual, Damhert is taking the lead to introduce insect burgers onto the map and the menu.  But why should we all start eating insects? Insects are healthy (packed with protein, minerals, vitamins, phosphorous, fibres, fatty acids and amino acids), sustainable (low ecological impact) and also tremendously tasty!

The consumption of edible insects or “Entomofood” is promoted throughout the world as one of the measures that will help in guaranteeing the sustainability and security of food production. In 2014 the FAVV regulated the introduction of ten types of insects for human consumption. This is how the development of foodstuffs based on edible insects also became part of Damhert’s innovation strategy. In collaboration with others, such as the K.U. Leuven, Damhert is participating in the TETRA project to get entomofood established in our Western world.

The buffalo worm and the mealworm are two of the ten types of insects that have been approved for consumption by the Federal Food agency. Damhert is transforming these into nuggets, burgers, schnitzels, spicy morsels and balls under the name “Insecta”. Cultivation of these beasts requires little space, energy or food, meaning that the growth process hardly emits any greenhouse gases. In short, eating insects is better for the environment than eating meat. But what do insect burgers actually taste like? “A  slightly nutty flavour, with a hint of bacon. It’s often rather similar to popcorn”.

More info about the TETRA-project can be found on:

Entomofood: the use of edible insects in the Western diet

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