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Why do we opt for TAGATOSE? And not for ordinary sugar or fructose?

Why do we opt for TAGATOSE? And not for ordinary sugar or fructose?

Sugar: everyone is familiar with it and it is contained in a huge range of products.

It is often added as a flavouring even in foods where you wouldn't expect to find it.


But what is sugar exactly?

The term sugar covers a whole range of items. We usually use it to refer to saccharose and sucrose but who hasn't heard of fructose? This is fruit sugar and is contained naturally in all types of fruit.


Both ordinary sugar and fructose impact upon our blood sugar levels. That is why diabetics are advised against eating that type of product.

Nature, however, has surprised us with one more sugar variety that very few people have even heard of!


It's called TAGATOSE: a sugar that, just like fructose and saccharose, occurs in nature. Tagatose appears in certain types of fruit and is obtained from lactose (also called milk sugar). Though Tagatose has many other properties compared to fructose and ordinary sugar.


Tagatose does not, for example, affect blood sugar levels. Another important difference is the calorific value.

While fructose and ordinary sugar contains 4kcal per gram, Tagatose contains just 1.5kcal per gram. It is therefore ideal for healthy eating and keeping your weight down without having to compromise on flavour. Tagatose offers the same sweet flavour as ordinary sugar and fructose. This is fantastic news for all of those with a sweet tooth; Tagatose is not only healthy but also very tasty!

That is why Damhert has chosen TAGATOSE as the product of the future!


Where does TAGATOSE come from? A natural source!

Tagatose is a natural sugar (obtained from lactose or milk sugar). The first step is the process of hydrolysis which allows all of the milk constituents to be removed. The there is an enzymatic process during which raw Tagatose is formed. After the final purification process, the ultimate Tagatose crystals remain; these do not contain any traces of milk. Just a delicious and natural sugar flavour! 


How can you recognise TAGATOSE products?

Tagatose forms the basis of all types of Damhert product: a sweetener, biscuits, chocolate, jam and spreads for bread.

Every product that uses Tagatose bears the blue quality emblem. You can find the products on the dietary shelves of all of the better supermarkets in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Tagatesse, a sweetener with the taste of real sugar!

Tagatesse is a sweetener made using Tagatose.

Whether you're tackling obesity or just wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Tagatesse is suitable for everybody. With this sweet ingredient in your kitchen, you'll make every meal a sugar-free success! 


Tagatesse is also 'temperature-proof', allowing you to make everything from vanilla ice cream to apple cake. The flavour is comparable to ordinary sugar but the calorific value is much lower; less than half in fact! Tagatesse is really easy to use: just halve the usual sugar quantities for any recipe and replace it with Tagatesse! Fancy testing Tagatesse for yourself?

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Why do we opt for TAGATOSE? And not for ordinary sugar or fructose?

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