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Damhert has stayed SLIM yet again

Damhert has stayed SLIM yet again

The very first healthy meal replacement, without bad sugars!

A pioneer leads the pack.

Deers are not happy staying on the beaten track. So that’s why we’ve been breaking new ground for years. Always going in search of new flavours and surprising approaches to healthy food products. We are also playing a pioneering role within the weight-loss segment. Our THINK SLIM range makes a difference because of its higher quality products and healthier, natural ingredients.

THINK SLIM is the new and healthier take on the Damhert SLIM meal replacement shake. But whats so new about it?

The THINK SLIM meal replacements are now sweetened with a naturally occurring sugar called tagatose. You will recognise the vanilla and chocolate shakes thanks to the pink strip with a blue tagatose seal.

Tagatose has a number of benefits that aren’t found in other meal replacements:

  • Naturally occurring (originates from lactose and can also be found in fruit);
  • Great flavour with no aftertaste;
  • Low in calories;
  • High in fibre;
  • No tooth decay;
  • Also suitable for diabetics.

The THINK SLIM meal replacement shakes replace one full meal. It is important to always do this in combination with a healthy lifestyle and adequate exercise. Supplement your diet with fruit, vegetables, and a portion of white meat or fish, and get enough exercise.

Most of the meal replacements out there are packed with sugars and often cause you to gain weight. In contrast, Damherts THINK SLIM meal replacement shakes do not contain any bad sugars, but instead, are sweetened with tagatose, a naturally occurring, lactose-based sugar supplement. Dont worry though; the meal replacements will always provide the necessary energy and proteins to replace a full meal!

Damhert has stayed SLIM yet again

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