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My internship at Damhert

As a student of the 6th secondary Marketing & Management from the Sint-Augustinusinstituut Bree, I was obliged to do an internship for  two weeks. My assignment was to find an internship for the period from October 17th until October 28th. In the beginning I had no idea what kind of internship I could or would do. But I already knew  that I wouldn’t do my internship in an accounting office, because It isn’t my thing and  there would be little variation in the tasks I should do. So I was actually looking for a company that interested me, where I wanted to know more about and what caught my attention. Mom and dad had also a few ideas, and one of them was Damhert. I stopped doubting  because I knew that this was the perfect company for my internship.

This company appealed to me because I’m very interested in food, especially healthy food, so Damhert wasn’t new to me. I already ate a couple of Damhert products  but those were mainly vegetarian products. The insect burger is also on my list and I’m sure  that it will taste just as good as the other products.

Damhert has a big assortment with functional and healthy food. Especially their Tagatesse range appealed to me.  It’s a healthy sugar substitute of natural origin, with the taste of real sugar! Besides you can also cook and bake with it and it is ideal if you want or need to avoid sugar.

Also the lactose and gluten free products interested me because it’s still often a problem for lots of people. At this time there are several people who suffer from gluten and/or lactose intolerance and that’s why it’s important to also have these products  on the market. My attention was also drawn by the  'Wellbeing ' products, these are mainly products that are related to your health. And then you also have the 'Think Slim' products, these products help you lose weight but with naturel resources. All these products interested me, so  I immediately thought that this was the right company for my internship.

When I finally heard that I could  do my internship at Damhert, I was very satisfied. I looked forward to it and I was wondering what to expect from it. The first day of my internship, the 17th of October, I was very nervous because i didn’t know what to expect. But luckily I was well received by my mentor Lisa.

By choosing  this company for my internship, I knew I would have a lot of variety in my assignments and not only should work in Excel like lots of my classmates have to do in the companies they have chosen.  And this variation is necessary to maintain my concentration. I was able to do many different tasks. One of my first assignments I have done was sending mails to dieticians to ask for their address, so we could send them a free sample package of Tagatesse. Once I had collected all the addresses we could start with the sample packages, I have made these together with my mentor. Another  task I did was about healthy recipes. I had to write them out in Dutch, English and French, and then add them to the website. I also had tasks as searching for quotes or writing a little text for a  facebook post…  So many tasks were about social media. Because of my internship, i know that this is very important in a company.

Generally, I have done nice tasks which I have learned a lot of. To take more initiative and to work more independent is also a thing I’ve learned here. The employees are all very friendly and there is a good atmosphere in the office. Also I have been able to gain experience about how things are going in a company. Because of my internship I’m even more interested in the products of Damhert and I will definitely buy them more now. If I could make my choice again I would choose Damhert again  because I have had 2 nice weeks of internship.

My internship at Damhert

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