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Tagatose, is it the sugar of the future? Absolutely!

Tagatose actually has a very low glycaemic index (<10). In concrete terms, that means it does not affect blood sugar levels. 

That property also makes it UNNECESSARY to take account of the proportion of a product that is Tagatose when counting carbohydrates. In short, the gram-weight of Tagatose can simply be subtracted from the declared carbohydrate value in the nutritional table.

Here is an example for clarification:

Milk chocolate with Tagatose

The effective carbohydrate value for milk chocolate with Tagatose is 9.9g/100g. From that we can conclude that this product is low in carbohydrates because it contains 82% less carbohydrates compared to a similar conventional product.

What are the other advantages of Tagatose?

- It is a natural product (the origin is lactose)
- Low calorie value (only 1.5 kcal per gram)
- It processes well in a lot of products. à You will find the finished products in the diet section at better supermarkets. You can recognize them by the blue Tagatose stamp (add an image of the Tagatose stamp)
- It has a 100% sugar flavour
- Suitable for cooking and baking

Tagatose, is it the sugar of the future? Absolutely!

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