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A sustainable step towards a better environment

As a pioneer in the functional food sector, Damhert Nutrition takes the next big step towards a better environment and a healthier lifestyle. From now on, your trusted Damhert quality is also available in cleaning products.

Our strength is innovation

Damhert would not be Damhert if we do not immediately unpack with a full range. From today you can contact us for the following products:

Ecological detergent - say no to stains from coffee, tea, blood, chocolate, etc.

Ecological detergent - gives dirty dishes a new dimension

Ecological toilet cleaner - dissolving lime was never better

Ecological all-purpose cleaner - give your floor an extra shine.

After extensive testing by the European Union, all Damhert cleaning products were awarded the EU Ecolabel. But what does Ecolabel mean exactly? The EU Ecolabel is a European label for ecological products. The EU Ecolabel guarantees that production takes place in an environmentally friendly manner. It is therefore primarily an environmental label. The label is only awarded to products with a reduced impact on the environment. Moreover, it pays a lot of attention to animal welfare.


New way, same values

As is generally known, our company stands for some important values. We also want to convey these values ??with our ecological cleaning products. Naturally with a focus on the best quality and developed exclusively with natural products. But is this possible? Can we respect "people, animals and the environment", work with only natural products and still offer 100% quality?

Of course! At Damhert we succeed again and again. The development, production and distribution are all Belgian. In this way we keep our ecological footprint very low. Moreover, all raw materials, with the exception of perfume and water, come from renewable and / or vegetable origin. Within our values, it is therefore obvious that no product has ever been tested on animals. All this makes our laundry products completely vegan. In addition, we can also offer 100% quality and washing power with a not unimportant, fresh and delicious scent.

Immediately available

Check out our new Damhert cleaning products here

A sustainable step towards a better environment

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