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Why do we love gluten-free?

Did you know that gluten actually exist as a group of proteins? That it occurs naturally in wheat, rye and barley? So that it is also present in all the products made from these grains? That it is quite an interesting subject? brilliant. People who eat gluten-free logically want to avoid these products. Are gluten unhealthy then? Not necessary. However, gluten-free food is a must for some, a consideration for others and even a career change for some athletes. We also have a wide range of gluten-free products, why do we like gluten-free?  

A must

You read it well, for some people gluten-free food is a must. These people suffer from celiac intolerance, also known as gluten intolerance. It is a disease in which the body cannot and will not tolerate gluten. The gluten will damage the mucous membrane of the small intestine, which will lead to poor absorption of nutrition, diarrhoea, constipation, growth retardation, fatigue, ... as a result. Treatment of celiac disease includes a strictly gluten-free diet, lifelong. This is not a pleasant thing to do, but these people must absolutely avoid gluten. 

An overview of this heavy diet can be found here.

A consideration

For people who do not suffer from celiac disease, gluten-free eating is not a must. However, more and more people are (temporarily) considering a gluten-free diet. It is also frequently recommended by nutritionists. Especially for consumers who occasionally (more than they want) suffer from stomach problems. As a pioneer in gluten-free nutrition, we list a few advantages: 

  1. Controlles the symptoms of celiac disease 
  2. Minor amount of calorie intake & lower cholesterol intake 
  3. A better digestion 
  4. Higher energy consumption due to less processed sugars 
  5. Increase in concentration 
  6. Better sleep results
  7. More creative in the kitchen

A career change

Nutrition and lifestyle are one of the most important elements of a successful sports career. Is a gluten-free diet necessary to achieve top performance? Not immediately. But it is for athletes with a gluten intolerance. The big problem here is that many athletes miss out on the diagnosis and are unaware of their gluten intolerance. So it does no harm for a top athlete to test this thoroughly. Especially athletes who regularly complain about sudden physical collapses, unexplained fatigue and (occasionally) mental frustrations.

Gluten-free eating can offer gluten intolerant athletes a better digestion, a lighter feeling, more energy, faster recovery, a better night's sleep and even a higher mental focus. In short, it can create a career switch. 

So there are several reasons why we love gluten-free. Take a look at our offer here.

Why do we love gluten-free?

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