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Our tips for a varied weekly menu

What are we going to eat tonight? It is probably one of the most frequently asked questions within each family. Consider every day what will appear on our board. So a little help is always welcome. That's why your Damhert employees put their heads together and wrote out a weekly menu (from Monday to Friday). A menu with a different theme almost every day, varying from gluten free food to vegetarian meals. Of course with an extra focus on our own products. In addition, we have provided every evening meal with a link to the ingredients and preparation method. Have fun!

Gluten free

Damhert offers a wide range of gluten free products. Both Monday and Tuesday we choose gluten free food. The week starts with our oat crackers, a slider of Dutch cheese and as an extra addition some natural yogurt. In the afternoon you can enjoy a homemade, gluten free sandwich. Our gluten free baguettes are perfectly suited for this purpose. The evening will shine with a creamy, gluten free paste with peas and spinach.

Tuesday, too, attention is paid to gluten free nutrition. The wide range of gluten free breakfast products means you can eat like a king on Tuesday morning. Enjoy our many types of bread, different breakfast cereals (cornflakes, muesli, oat flakes), chocolate pastes, chocolate tablets, pancakes, speculoos and cracots. Afternoon it's time for a gluten free vegetable soup. The cheese croquettes are the ideal way to close the gluten free topic.



On Wednesday we will switch to the theme of Biofood. We offer organic food for every meal of the day. Oatmeal or yogurt as breakfast is again hip and trendy. Complete it with some fruit and take a oat cookie with it. In the afternoon, Biofood rice with vegetables is on the menu in combination with a rice wafer, corn waffle or a spelt waffle. In the evening we propose a delicious quinoa salad.

Thursday veggie day

Thursday is the traditional weekday for vegetarians. An excellent opportunity to put our vegetarian assortment in the spotlight. Nothing better than to start the day with our vegetarian chicken curry and meat salad. Try our wellbeing fennel tea as well. In the afternoon time is made for a Caesar salad, with vegetarian chick'n fillet. And why not enjoy an extensive vegetarian barbecue on Thursday night? If the weather is not good, we suggest a vegetarian red curry with ketchup. See all our vegetarian products here.


Start the last working day of the week with a Damhert meal shake (banana, chocolate or vanilla). Of course we can't suggest a weekly menu without our Tagatesse jam, light and tasty. The best way to start the weekend is to prepare Grandma’s beef stew, made with Tagatesse. We finish the week with Icy light ice cream from Ijsboerke with 100% Tagatose. Because at the end of the working week we sometimes deserve a dessert.

Enjoy our weekly menu!

Our tips for a varied weekly menu

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