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Company information

Company information

Damhert is responsible for the development, production of functional, health food. This means food with a function, for preventive and supportive use by the consumer. These products can be found in the diet section of every superior supermarket!

For over 40 years Damhert has been in the first rank for functional food, with a wide range of healthy and – above all - nice products! Since then the group of `aware eaters’ among us has grown considerably – along with their requirements. 

Because these days people choose Damhert for several reasons (allergies and disorders, the environment, certainty about quality,…), the range has also grown considerably (by around 1000 items). For example, a lot of people cannot tolerate gluten, and we also have more and more diabetes patients and allergies,… 

Beside these `diseases of prosperity’, there is growing concern about consuming less salt, fat and sugar, whether for health or fitness reasons. Damhert is responsible for a concept for serving all these different groups of `added value eaters’ – whether you want to put together a healthy breakfast, a complete, balanced midday meal, a sugar-free snack or a healthy cup of tea. 

With our range of sugar free, gluten free, lactose free, low salt, organic and vegetarian food, Damhert has something for everyone! Some 20 very high quality dietary supplements complete this healthy range. The range is continuously being adapted to new fashions, trends in eating and other consumption patterns. As a small firm we can respond to these quickly. 

These products are distributed by several channels: to supermarkets by Damhert, to health food shops by Haagland Reform and to pharmacies by 2Pharma. Research into and development of products is done by our sister company, Nutrilab. In other words Damhert and its ‘sisters’ are coordinated by the holding company, Biofood Invest.




Our certificates for quality, BIO and gluten-free

BRC certificate

In 1998, British retailers developed a common standard for the entire sector. The British Retail Consortium Technical Standard and Protocol, known as the BRC. The BRC standard describes the hygiene and food safety requirements for the food processing companies that directly supply the retail sector. The inspections are carried out by independent certification bodies and BRC is recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). With a BRC quality mark, we therefore have an international food safety certificate in our hands. In this way, we can demonstrate that we have our food safety in order.

Damhert has been BRC certified since 2013. In May 2020, we obtained our latest BRC certificate, valid until October 2021.

BIO certificate

Anyone who produces food in a natural way is not allowed to use the term 'organic' just like that. This term has been legally protected since 1 July 2010. If you want to market food as 'organic', you must strictly comply with all legal provisions and you must register for a mandatory inspection. Our audit is carried out annually by Quality Partner, who are recognised by the competent authorities for the certification of operators active in the organic production method. This allows us to use the European BIO label and allows us to hold a BIO certificate.

gluten-free certificate

The Dutch Celiac Association has been working for people with celiac disease since the 1970s. In order to offer consumers a safe choice, the Dutch Celiac Association has developed a standard for suppliers of gluten-free foodstuffs. As a certified supplier, we may use the crossed grain trademark to demonstrate to consumers that we are a reliable supplier of safe products for the whole of Europe.