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Same products, now also lactose-free

Low Carb, suitable for diabetics and lactose free. It is not the easiest combination. As your partner in healthy food, we strive to satisfy everyone. We are therefore very pleased that our lactose-free range is increasing again. And even more, a combination of Tagatose and lactose-free*. (*less than 0.1g/100g lactose)

Tagatesse & lactose free

An overview of the products that we now can claim to be lactose free:

  • Damhert Tagatesse Table sweetener
  • Damhert Tagatesse Sticks
  • Damhert Tagatesse Liquid sweetener
  • Damhert Tagatesse Jam (6 tastes: strawberry, apricot, exotic, cherry, strawberry/raspberry, blueberry/red currant)
  • Damhert Tagatesse soft vanilla waffles
  • Damhert Tagatesse Bran biscuit
  • Damhert Tagatesse Gingerbread
  • Damhert Tagatesse Ketchup

What you undoubtedly did not know yet

Did you know that these products:

  • Are perfect for those who want or have to avoid sugar
  • Are low in calories and carbohydrates (low carb)
  • Are sweetened with D-Tagatose, derived from milk
  • But still contain less than 0.1g per 100g lactose
  • And so they are lactose free
  • Simply being very good


  • The Bran biscuit made a good start
  • That the customer's weekend was a great success
  • But that our customer are always king
Same products, now also lactose-free

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