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Coconut flour is a soft flour made from dried coconut, which is crushed to a fine powder with which you can cook and bake well.

This finely ground coconut flour contains healthy protein and fiber. It contains as much protein as wheat flour, but naturally it does not contain gluten. This makes it a good grain substitute for people intolerant to gluten, and this type of flour is also healthy. It is rich in protein, fiber and good fat.

Coconut flour is also a good source of manganese. This substance guarantees better absorption of many essential nutrients, vitamin C and thiamine. Manganese also promotes good bone structure, the nervous system, the thyroid gland and helps maintain a stable blood sugar level.

Now with every order online a FREE pack of organic coconut flour to discover the benefits of coconut flour!


In short, our Biofood coconut flour is:

- 100% ORGANIC

- Top quality

- Vegan

- gluten free

- high in fiber

- low carb

- Easy to use!


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