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Go coco loco with the NEW Damhert low carb coco chocolat cookie!

Damhert has a new shortbread with a coconut flavour and layer of chocolate, the Low carb coco chocolate cookie. On the one hand this biscuit contains 94% less sugars than the same biscuit sweetened with sugar. This makes them suitable for people with diabetes and obesity.

On the other hand, this coconut biscuit also has the main claim "Low carb". This means that these biscuits are low in carbohydrates, because the carbohydrate values of the polyols do not have to be included in the carbohydrate calculation. After all, the body does not digest these polyols. So this is why these products have a much lower net carbohydrate value than comparable products sweetened with standard sugar (sucrose). This way, Damhert is not only there for people who have to eat low carb for their health, but also for those who just want a healthy lifestyle.

You can find the Low carb coco chocolate cookies in your better supermarket or order them online at Damhert. So you can go all coco loco!

 Go coco loco with the NEW Damhert low carb coco chocolat cookie!

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